Things to Inspire

Over the past few years I’ve spent quite a bit of my off-time goofing around online trying to figure out what to do with myself. During that time I found quite a few sources for inspiration and info ranging from 2d and 3d work, gardening, travel, music, movies, books and much more.

Today, I decided I should share some of this(in no specific order) with you in hopes you might be able to use some of it in your life as well. ūüôā This page will be updated as time goes along.

*Polycount forums What Are You Working On? 2012 edition

Link above will take you to where I personally think the thread starts to pick up in workmanship. There are of course a few high quality pieces on the previous posts, but there were others that really weren’t my cup of tea, so post #97 is where the link should lead you.

*Niall Doherty’s Disrupting The Rabblement¬†Blog

Quit his day job and is now traveling the world without stepping foot on a plane. All the while he posts regularly on his blog about his adventures and plans with a refreshingly upbeat tone. Think big brother giving you the occasional kick in the rear when you’re being mopey.¬†If reading in July: Join the July mission if your up for it.¬†

Stick around for September-December and you’ll find out about my 2012 mission and progress. Hint: Finishing the project list will let me accomplish it a lot easier.¬†

 *Growing Your Greens Youtube Channel

Grows his own organic, edible garden on 1/10th of an acre and shows others exactly how he does it via youtube. Very informative and pleasant to watch. If you don’t enjoy gardening then watch it to see all the different plants he grows. Makes an excellent reference for 2d/3d work.

*FZD School of Design Youtube Channel

Educational videos on entertainment design. Most of the videos are¬†time lapses with an audio recording of author(Feng Zhu) discussing things to think about when doing a professional piece, whether it is concept art, production stills, etc. He also has wonderful advice on portfolios and professionalism in the industry. His school’s website is here¬†and is located in Singapore.

*Project Gutenburg’s free ebook website

One of the few legitimate free ebook sites on the internet. No fee or registration is required to download the books. Along with the ebooks they have audio recordings available for certain books and from what I’ve seen support the Kindle reading app.


Phenomenal¬†work in the gallery, free tutorials, textures, and their own store filled with high quality digital and physical products. I tend to snoop around in the gallery every couple weeks if I’m having trouble gathering my thoughts.

*Fantasy Creatures: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Digital Painting Techniques from ImagineFX

Not quite the “ultimate guide” but it does have quite a bit of info on technique and concept rather then specific tools. The book itself is made up of various articles and how-to’s previously published in the ImagineFX monthly magazine. The only real drawback is that you won’t get the project files that accompany the physical edition of the magazine in which the work was featured.


THIS IS NOT WHAT IT SOUNDS LIKE! It is actually a badly named but yet superb food photography site. It is because of the website’s name that I won’t be adding a¬†direct¬†link to it for security reasons. I will instead put up a regularly updated screenshot so that when(if) you decide to google it you will know what it is supposed to look like.

*Praxxus55712’s Youtube Channel(8-11-2012: link removed until further notice)

*Kontrabida on Vimeo

Indie game development studio from Ontario, Canada who are¬†currently working on the multi-platform game¬†¬†Rival Threads: Last Class Heroes. While the story sounds great and the art is gorgeous, it’s the musical score that seals the deal(for me at least).

*3dworld Magazine has a website

Quality tutorials for various software packages, industry news coverage, and excellent reviews pretty much sum up this magazine. While the printed copy comes with a dvd that is packed with extras they also sell a digital copy of their magazine for anyone that is interested.


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